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If you give us your information in the client intake form, we can go to the court and look this up.  In addition, we can give you the information and show you how to obtain a copy of your own criminal record
It depends on what you need accomplished.  For a typical expungement, it takes approximately sixty (60) days.  Included in that time is a thirty (30) day filing notice by statute that we must give the District Attorney.  As soon as we find out what services you need, we will start on your case as soon as possible.
Our fees start at $750 and go up from there.  We will quote you a flat fee which will mean that you will pay one price which will include all fees, including court filing costs.  There will be no hidden fees and we will not ask you for any more money.  It will be an all inclusive flat fee.
People convicted of certain crimes can have their records “expunged”, after their case has been resolved.  In California, this typically means our firm files legal documents before the court, asking the court to withdraw your guilty plea or no-contest plea, enter a plea of not guilty, and have your case dismissed.
Most all misdemeanors can be expunged.  Felonies can be expunged provided that the Defendant has not served time in state or federal prison.
The court will review your rap sheet.  In addition, the District Attorney will have the right to oppose our motion regarding your case.  If you have completed your probation in a satisfactory manner, and have not committed any new offenses, the chances of winning your case are very high.  The court will probably grant the motion.
Yes, as soon as your motion is granted.  We have successfully done this for many clients.
Yes.  Depending on the crime and circumstances, it could definitely help you. With specific immigration questions we can refer you to competent legal counsel in this area.
No.  An expungement changes and updates the disposition of the case to reflect a dismissal under 1203.4 of the Penal Code.  This is added to the court file and the California Department of Justice and the FBI updates their files to reflect a new plea of “not guilty” being entered and the case has been ordered dismissed by the court.
No.  We will handle all court matters and appearances for you.  You will not need to appear.
There are a number of reasons to do this, such as employment or licensing.  However, many of our clients wish to expunge their record as a way to put their case behind them and they feel much better.  It gives them piece of mind.

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