Expungement of a Record of Petty Theft

Petty Theft Expungement Attorney Orange County Ca

Per California Penal Code 1203.4 and 1203.4a

Petty theft is classified as a property crime. Having a conviction for petty theft on your California criminal record can make it almost as difficult to conduct your life as though you had a felony. Fortunately, there is a pathway for y ou to expunge a record of arrest or conviction for petty theft.

Why Get a Petty Theft or Shoplifting Record Expungement?

It’s almost general knowledge that MOST employers want full background checks for any new hires. Naturally, they’re concerned about hiring someone who might steal from them or their clients. The problem is that your criminal record probably does not reflect who you are today. From your record however, employers don’t know that not all theft crimes are the same. In fact, most people can’t distinguish a petty theft of a candy bar from a much more serious crime of selling drugs. To them, it’s all the same.

That’s why you should consider having any petty theft expunged from your California criminal record. Expungement means that prospective employers, landlords, and loan officers won’t be able to see any thing about the arrest, court records, and any penalties. It’ll be as though nothing happened. With your record expunged, you can finally and honestly answer “no” to any questions relating to a criminal record.

Expungement laws are designed to give the benefit of the doubt to people who deserve a chance to live a full and rewarding life.

How to get a Petty Theft Expunged

The expungement begins when you file a motion or petition with the court. The court will review your petition and hear any evidence that you want to present that shows you deserve to wipe the slate clean. If the prosecution choses, it may object to your petition if there is any reason they do not believe that you are eligible or deserving to have your record expunged. There could be a hearing, where you may be required to provide additional testimony to support your petition. That’s when hiring a lawyer will greatly improve your chances of success. Especially when your attorney has as much experience with criminal record expungement as does the Law Office of Stull & Stull.

Our firm handles all of the research, the drafting of the motion, filing the motion, service of the motion, correspondence, and phone calls and attending the court hearing. We also cover the filing fee too. Most of all, we will represent you, speak for you, and present the best case possible.

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