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Penal code 1203.4(a) – New Plea of NOT GUILTY!

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Gives a Judge the power to withdraw a guilty plea and enter plea of not guilty
when defendant is not placed on probation

Do you need your criminal case re-opened? Orange County criminal lawyer Adam Stull will ask the judge to withdraw your old plea of guilty, and enter a new plea of not guilty. Once your conviction has been expunged, you can legally answer state on your resumes’ and job applications that you have never been convicted of the crime. With the Exception of government jobs, and law enforcement questions, you will still need to disclose the case information but will be able to state that the case was dismissed pursuant to California penal code, section 1203.4.

1203.4a. (a) Every defendant convicted of a misdemeanor and not granted probation shall, at any time after the lapse of one year from the date of pronouncement of judgment, if he or she has fully complied with and performed the sentence of the court, is not then serving a sentence for any offense and is not under charge of commission of any crime and has, since the pronouncement of judgment, lived an honest and upright life and has conformed to and obeyed the laws of the land, be permitted by the court to withdraw his or her plea of guilty or nolo contendere and enter a plea of not guilty; or if he or she has been convicted after a plea of not guilty, the court shall set aside the verdict of guilty; and in either case the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusatory pleading against the defendant, who shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted, except as provided in Section 12021.1 of this code or Section 13555 of the Vehicle Code. The defendant shall be informed of the provisions of this section, either orally or in writing, at the time he or she is sentenced. The defendant may make an application and change of plea in person or by attorney, or by the probation officer authorized in writing; provided, that in any subsequent prosecution of the defendant for any other offense, the prior conviction may be pleaded and proved and shall have the same effect as if relief had not been granted pursuant to this section.

This subdivision applies to convictions which occurred before as well as those occurring after, the effective date of this section. (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any misdemeanor falling within the provisions of subdivision (b) of Section 42001 of the Vehicle Code, or to any infraction.

(c) A person who petitions for a dismissal of a charge under this section may be required to reimburse the county and the court for the cost of services rendered at a rate to be determined by the county board of supervisors for the county and by the court for the court, not to exceed sixty dollars ($60), and to reimburse any city for the cost of services rendered at a rate to be determined by the city council not to exceed sixty dollars ($60). Ability to make this reimbursement shall be determined by the court using the standards set forth in paragraph (2) of subdivision (g) of Section 987.8 and shall not be a prerequisite to a person’s eligibility under this section. The court may order reimbursement in any case in which the petitioner appears to have the ability to pay, without undue hardship, all or any portion of the cost for services established pursuant to this subdivision.

(d) Any determination of amount made by a court under this section shall be valid only if either (1) made under procedures adopted by the Judicial Council or (2) approved by the Judicial Council.


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